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Our vision is to upgrade the food industry of Nepal and impact and enhance the life of people in every part of Nepal through quality, healthy, taste and variety.

BDC Foods is a milk processing industry In Bharatpur, Chitwan currently providing dairy products in Chitwan district. We provide variety in dairy products such as milk, curd, lassi, moi, butter etc. We bring a new taste in Nepal in our familar way. We are providing employment to local people. After gathering milks from local area, the milk is then pasteurized and then milk prodcuts are made and then packaged.

We belive in Promise of Purity


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Price of milk is increased

DDC or Dairy Development Comittee has increased the price of milk in Nepal. Government increased a total of Nrs6, Nrs4.16 for farmers and Nrs1.84 for the industralists.

Variety in Milk products

BDC Foods aims at providing variety in milk products, which are not present in nepalses market. With products such as lassi, cup dahi, masala moi etc, Nepalses can change their taste of dairy items.

Why Pasteurized Milk

Pasteurization is the process of treating foods with high temperature in short time. As of this all the pathogens present are killed, making milk healthier. So always drink pasteurized milk and milk products.