About Us

About BDC Foods

BDC Foods is a milk processing industry in Bharatpur, Chitwan currently providing dairy products in Chitwan district. One of our biggest aim is to grow together with farmers and every body related to us. We belive in upgrading the agriculture and food industry of nepal from ground up.

We bring a new taste in Nepal in our familar way. We are providing employment to local people. We collect milk from various co-operatives, where fresh milk is provided by local farmers daily. Our products are made from fresh farm milk, collected, processed, packaged and distributed daily. After gathering milks from local area, the milk is then pasteurized and homogenized and milk prodcuts are made and then packaged.

Our Vision

We envisioned a journey of growing together revolutionizing the food culture of our country, impact and enhance the life of people in every part of Nepal through taste, quality, healthy and variety and making us sustainable producer of food and agricultural products. We belive in promise of purity.

Our Mission

We are a company by young enterpreauners on mission. We belive in accomplashing our mission for the greater good of the people. Some of our missions,

  • To provide a variety and new taste in dairy products
  • Provide the quality, healthy and tasty dairy products
  • To change the agricutural and food industry of nepal
  • To make Nepal a sustainable producer of agicultural goods, food and beverages.
  • To grow the together with farmers, providing them with enough support and materials

Bhawani products

Our Story

We are a Fully Nepalese brand on a mission and Vision of changing and revolutionizing Nepal and impacting the life of every Nepalese. We aim at growing together, together with farmers, together with our customer and with every other members of BDC Foods Family.

We Nepalse are the lovers of the dairy products. Also dairy products provides various health benifits. But we only have limited variety of dairy products in the country and we have to import the new taste, so many places donot have the access to these prouducts. So we wanted to change that.

We also being the lover of dairy products, we wanted to bring the new taste to the Nepalse people. So, instead of complaining we started our journey to provide variety and new taste that are fresh and healthy. So the journey begin.

Every customer, employee and other other poeple are the member of the culture practiced under BDC Foods. We want to create a new food culture based on dairy products, not only sell them. We embarked on journey to be a part Nepalese family enriching and changing lives everyday, making these accessible even to the farthest.

We belive in Promise of purity.