Bhawani Dairy Outlets

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Energize yourself with mourning routine of fresh, healthy and tasty Bhawani dairy products.

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Unbroken cold chain

All the Bhawnai products after being manufactured are transported directly to the outlets maintaining temperature.


We provide variety of dairy products locally made under single roof under brand Bhawani such as milk, variety of curds, ghee, paneer, cheese, churpi, butter, nauni, lassi, butter etc.

365 Days Service

Bhawani dairy outlets are there for service every single day. i.e We are open 365 days a year.

Fresh, Tasty and Healthy

Bhawani Dairy Outlets

  • Freshly procured Milk
  • Processed and packaged with latest technology
  • Local and Authentic taste
Fresh, pure, tasty, healthy and variety of dairy products brought near your table.